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Lockdown Special Review: Itaewon Class (TV Series)

I’m surprised with myself that I can finish this TV series after Cells at Work in 8 days. It seems that the circuit breaker really gives me too much time on my hands. Usually, a TV series would take me weeks to complete. But here I am…

I decided to watch it due to a recommendation by not one but two colleagues of mine. And that there are a lot of references of the TV series elsewhere. So, I thought maybe it is a worth a watch. Is it?

Is it worth it?

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Lockdown Special Review: Cells at Work (TV Anime)

So… a special write-up of sorts. Singapore is on a “circuit breaker” mode, essentially a lockdown but not really… We are still allowed to go out of the house but only for essential things like buying takeaway food or groceries. Only companies in essential industries are open such as healthcare, food & beverage (thus takeaway food, no dining in), repair works, supermarkets, wet markets. Mostly, we are still advised to stay home.


Because Singapore is on a circuit breaker mode, it means that I have too much time on my hands, which translates to me being able to write like this and actually watch shows that I’ve always wanted to watch but had no time.

First up is Cells at Work, a TV anime that I’ve always wanted to watch but was not able to catch up on. I was pretty excited to see that it is on Netflix.

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Movie Review: Boy Erased

Sadly, I did not manage to catch any of the movies that’s released this week because real life calls. So, whenever that happens, I turned to Netflix, which is a good alternative. It does have a wide variety of dramas and films to watch and sometimes, really good ones that we did not catch on before.

And one of those movies is Boy Erased.

Now, I’m no Christian so whenever I do watch this kind of movies, I detach myself and try to watch it with an open mind.

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Movie Review: 백두산 Ashfall

So, it’s been a while… I’m not very good at keeping this blog alive. I will also not make any promises this time to say that I will try to keep the posts coming in. But I do miss watching movies and writing and I thought I should start back on my hobby in 2020.

The first movie I decided to watch out of all the movies that came out on Thursday in Singapore is Ashfall or the Korean name is 백두산, which is literally translated as Baekdu Mountain. It still exists today and is actually an active volcano sitting at the border of China and North Korea. Last eruption was in 1903. With climate change, who knows when it will erupt but that’s where the movie comes in…

click here for the review (no spoilers)

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Movie Review: Swing Kids

Swing Kids out now in theatres!

I am back! I know, I know… quite a long hiatus I did. I guess Siti never sleeps indeed slept. And I have no excuse at all. I did not watch as many movies as I used to and even when I did, I did not do any reviews as I had no motivation at all.

Well, this year, I decided I should go back to doing my one movie a week and back into writing, which I miss so much. I wanted to watch The Mule last week but I was meh about it. And I’m glad. Because I chose Swing Kids as the first movie to watch in 2019 and… it’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire almost-35 years of my life. Truly.

Click here for review…

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Movie Review: Call Me By Your Name


This movie is a long-time coming. When I read the book many years ago, I thought to myself that it could be made into a movie, partly because the story-telling was beautiful. The way Andre Aciman described every detail is how I wish I could write. I don’t have that much talent, except writing reviews, I guess.

When I heard that this movie was coming out, no pun ever intended there, I was partly excited but also nervous at the same time. How are they going to put into life what Andre Aciman has so beautifully written on paper?

Call Me By Your Name, the movie, does not disappoint.

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