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Love It Or Hate It: Lady Gaga’s Applause Official Video

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ImageMonsters, rejoice! Mama Monster is back and she’s expecting her lil’ monsters to put their paws up and applaud for her or themselves, or both. (Never mind…)

Yes, yes, Lady Gaga is back with an electrifying bang with “Applause”. Let me talk about the song first.

Honestly, it took me a while to actually like the song. It’s unlike “Bad Romance” – when you first heard it, you know it’s going to be a big hit and everyone’s and their mothers’ cellphones will have a ringtone of it. (No, really, my mom had the ringtone of “Bad Romance” for a year. A YEAR! It’s quite admirable that I wasn’t sick of the song for the entire year!) Anyway, so, no, it is not “Bad Romance” material or “Born This Way” but it is catchy and it does take some time for me to get used to the song. But after playing the music video three times, solely for the purpose of this post, I do like it. Let me listen to it seven more times and it will be in my list of favourite Lady Gaga songs.

But now, back to the video…

It’s theatrical, which is so Lady Gaga. I mean, when you think of the word “theatricality”, Lady Gaga would be on the top of the list. One part of the video has the backdrop of a stage. And the song is called “Applause” so it’s apt.  And is it just me or did some parts remind me of “Vogue” from Madonna? Anyway… moving on now…

Lady Gaga manages to always make one weird music video after another. First, in “Born This Way”, she was an alien and then here, her head is on a black swan. It just makes you go “What? What is…? Why is your head on a swan?” And now, I’m just thinking whether it’s kind of Lady Gaga’s way of saying she’s a black swan? I don’t even know and sometimes, I don’t even question whatever Lady Gaga does because she’s Lady Gaga. It’s her signature, I feel. When she doesn’t make videos of her head attached to a black swan, it would be weird.

All in all, it’s… Lady Gaga. It may be weird for us mortal peeps but it’s Mama Monster, bitches! Applaud for her being unique and not settling to what others may feel is “normal”. (Putting my paws up and walking like an Egyptian)


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