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Love It Or Hate It: Ben Affleck is the new Batman

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ImageDid you guys hear the news? If you guys have not, where have you been? It’s all over social media – Ben Affleck is going to be donning the dark crusader’s costume in the sequel of Man of Steel! Oh yeah, he’s the new Batman.

Fans in social media are two minds about it – one group of fans are furious and there are petitions all over for Warner Bros to get their crap together and recast Batman. Another group of fans are pleased with the news.

Me? Sure, I am not a huge fan of Batman though I do like the superhero. Yeah, I’ve said so many times that I’m more of a Marvel fangirl. But, I’ve watched Christian Bale being absolutely brilliant in the role and wondered how it’s going to be with the new Batman – whether anyone else could better that performance from Christian Bale.

I’m also not a huge fan of Ben Affleck but his career has taken off in the past few years. And so I wouldn’t come to the conclusion that his take on Batman would suck really bad. Yeah, Daredevil was a flop. But you know how actors/actresses are – they always have a few bad years and Ben definitely had one.

But are we going to judge his future performance as Batman because of those few bad years he had? Well, I’m not. I don’t know whether he’s going to be good or bad at it. But I’m just going to sit here and wait until I watch his performance before I judge. I am going to be honest though – I can’t imagine him, at the moment, as Batman. But actors do stuff to make them fit to a role so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt that when I watch the movie, he would be what I imagine Batman would be. I just don’t look forward to the sequel of Man of Steel. The movie itself was so slow, draggy and boring that I can’t imagine how the sequel would be.

Love it or hate it? Wait and see, wait and see… too doo doo…



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