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Movie Review: Collateral Beauty

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Happy New Year!

It has been a while, hasn’t it? A long while, I know. Nothing happened to me. I was just being lazy late last year to watch any movies. So, I did not even watch those I planned to watch like Rogue One. It was okay though. I might just catch it later or something.

Anyway, I decided not to be a lazy arse this time and watch the first movie this 2017 and it was Collateral Beauty. The trailer looked interesting enough and even though it looked like you would know the entire story from the trailer, I was quite surprised by it at the end of the day. Maybe because I had a very low expectation of it.

Will Smith played a once successful ad executive, Howard. Once successful. He lost his will to live after his young daughter passed away. His partners (also long-time friends) in the ad agency struggled to get him back on his feet while the agency itself was almost failing due to losing the clients that had close relationships with Howard. Desperate, the friends, played by Edward Norton, Kate Winslet and Michael Pena, decided to hire a private investigator in hopes that his worsening mental state would make the board decided to get Howard to sell his shares for the company. They found out then that he had sent a letter to three “things” – Love, Death and Time, which led to the idea of hiring three actors playing the role of each.

The summary above seemed simple enough. However, you would be in for a few plot twists at the end of the movie, which made the movie interesting to me or it would have been a snooze-fest.

I heard that there were a lot of bad reviews about it. There were things that can be improved on like the pacing and flow of the story. It felt too rushed, messy and choppy in the beginning that I was confused half the time. I blamed that mostly on the editing. I am not sure what happened post-production. It was so clear that the editing was horrible.

Acting-wise, Will Smith and Helen Mirren were great in their roles. However, Keira Knightley disappointed me. I felt her dialogue delivery was way too fast that half the time, I was not able to catch what she was saying. It was like she was rushing against time to do something else. It was quite awkward to watch.

I personally feel that what saved the movie was the last few parts of it which were plot twists. I did not expect those twists so it was surprising for me.

In any case, I would suggest not watching it if you have a choice and wait till some TV channel picks it up.

I give this a 2.5 out of 5. Just halfway there.

The trailer…



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