This Siti Never Sleeps At Night

Hey dick-wad, I'm speaking!

About The Girl Who Never Sleeps


Once upon a time, in a far far farrrrrrrrrr away land (depending on where you live at this moment) called Singapore, there is a young lady (even if she’s close to approaching the big, scary three-zero whatever whatever) named Siti who proclaims that she never sleeps at night, which is the name of this blog. But rest assured, mortals, that she actually does sleep at night. She just really loves to make a pun out of her name – Sex and the Siti, The Siti That Never Sleeps, Siti Hall, Siti Bank, The Siti of Love, etc etc. And she thought that since she does sleep late at night, it would be sort of, kind of, quite appropriate for this blog. (She could have chosen Sex and the Siti but some people might think this blog is about the birds and the bees, which she’s of no expert about except from the slash fanfictions she reads.)

Siti is a simple young lady who has nothing better to do other than sitting on her butt, watching movies and TV shows, listening to music and reading books and having all sorts of opinions on each of the things that she loves to do. And because she loves to yak so much about the things she loves, she magically (not really) made this blog.

This blog is for her to post “professional” reviews of movies, TV shows, books and music and as such, she has to warn you mortals that it is definitely not spoiler-free at all. She may tend to get a little fangirly but she reserves that mostly for her more obsessive and fangirly Tumblr at (ah-ha! So Siti does use Sex and the Siti but that is more apt because there are a lot of slashy goodness in there yum yum).

When Siti is not sitting on her butt doing whatever she is doing here, you can actually find her going to work as a project manager in an online research panel company. However, that is the more boring (if that is even remotely possible) side of her life that she does not want to share with the mortals (no, really, you might fall asleep).

And so it goes… Will it end in a happily ever after for Siti? Well, if she does find her Prince Charming, then sure. But for now, her Prince Charming is somewhere in this world and she hasn’t met him yet. So, instead, she will end of this silly “About Me” post with…

That’s all, folks! *cue theme song from Looney Toons*

Hope you enjoy your stay here.


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