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Movie Review: 카트 (Cart)


I have not been writing for quite a while, have I? No excuses there except I have Korean Language class every weekend and decide to spend some quality time with family on top of all the fangirling I was doing on the side. And my job.

Excuses aside, I decided to start writing reviews again. But since I am currently obsessed with Do Kyungsoo, who is also known as D.O. from a K-Pop group called EXO, I decided to watch his acting debut in this movie called 카트 (Cart) in 2014, which received raving reviews from critics both for the movie and the newbie’s acting.

But what do I think? It’s all under the cut.

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Movie Review: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


Let me first be honest: I’ve never watched Resident Evil before. I’ve heard of it, thought nothing of it and never watched it. I’ve never been a big fan of this kind of movies. I’ve heard of the game and I’m pretty sure I’ve watched some Let’s Play videos of it on YouTube but I guess I never really was interested in the franchise.

But why did I still watch it? Because of a Korean actor named Lee Joon-Ki who played his first Hollywood role in the movie. The things I do for my oppas. Tee-hee!

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Movie Review: 마스터 (Master)


When I was looking through the list of movies coming out this week in Singapore late last year, I was disappointed on how horrible the movies were. I mean, there’s the “94% Rotten Tomatoes”-rated Arrival but I have had enough of aliens invading earth and the impending doom that the idea of stepping into the cinema this week seems depressing.

Then, came the saviour – 마스터 (Master), a Korean movie starring Kang Dong-Won, Lee Byung-Hun and Kim Woo-bin. The casting sounds impressive already so I decided to give this a shot. And boy, I didn’t regret it at all.

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Movie Review: Collateral Beauty


Happy New Year!

It has been a while, hasn’t it? A long while, I know. Nothing happened to me. I was just being lazy late last year to watch any movies. So, I did not even watch those I planned to watch like Rogue One. It was okay though. I might just catch it later or something.

Anyway, I decided not to be a lazy arse this time and watch the first movie this 2017 and it was Collateral Beauty. The trailer looked interesting enough and even though it looked like you would know the entire story from the trailer, I was quite surprised by it at the end of the day. Maybe because I had a very low expectation of it.

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Movie Review: Train to Busan


Oh my God, what is this? Siti wrote twice in a span of two days. She never does that! I know, right? Well, tomorrow is a holiday in Singapore because it’s Singapore’s National Day! Yay! So, what shall one do on the eve of a public holiday? Watch a movie, of course! After the disappointment that is Suicide Squad, I seriously need a good movie to get back my $14.50 gone to waste on Sunday.

Train to Busan is my choice – Korea’s answer to Hollywood’s World War Z. How does it fare?

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Movie Review: Suicide Squad


Maybe… just maybe… I should completely lower my expectation the next time I want to watch a DC movie. I always get disappointed everytime I get my hopes up when a DC movie comes out. Exciting trailers, mediocre movies. Every time. With the exception of the Dark Knight franchise. I do not know how and why that movie got it right. Oh wait, I know why – Christopher Nolan.

So, here’s why the new DC movie disappoints Siti yet again…

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