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Movie Review: Confession of Murder


Before writing this review, I did not realize my last movie review was also a Korean movie. I’m on a Korean movie binge I guess. Even prior to this, I was watching a few other Korean movies but only this movie is worth a writing.

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Movie Review: Train to Busan


Oh my God, what is this? Siti wrote twice in a span of two days. She never does that! I know, right? Well, tomorrow is a holiday in Singapore because it’s Singapore’s National Day! Yay! So, what shall one do on the eve of a public holiday? Watch a movie, of course! After the disappointment that is Suicide Squad, I seriously need a good movie to get back my $14.50 gone to waste on Sunday.

Train to Busan is my choice – Korea’s answer to Hollywood’s World War Z. How does it fare?

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Movie Review: Suicide Squad


Maybe… just maybe… I should completely lower my expectation the next time I want to watch a DC movie. I always get disappointed everytime I get my hopes up when a DC movie comes out. Exciting trailers, mediocre movies. Every time. With the exception of the Dark Knight franchise. I do not know how and why that movie got it right. Oh wait, I know why – Christopher Nolan.

So, here’s why the new DC movie disappoints Siti yet again…

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Movie Review: Bigbang MADE: The Movie


Before watching the fan preview for this movie, I was asking myself and my friends whether I should be watching it as a fangirl or as a movie reviewer (not professional but you know, keeping up with this blog, etc etc). But then I tell myself what was the difference between the two. I could be considered a fangirl of movies due to my passion for films in general. The only difference is I’m going into the theatre as both a lover of films and a fangirl of the five guys this documentary movie is essentially about.

Even if I stepped out of the shoes of a fangirl and view it rationally as a reviewer, there is nothing bad that I could say about the movie. It was so good that I am hard-pressed to find any one bad thing about it.

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Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond


Ah, it’s been a while, isn’t it? It seems like I had not just been fasting from food and drink for the past month, but fasting from my weekly movie watching as well. I mean, not that I miss anything. I’m glad that the first movie I’m watching after a hiatus is Star Trek Beyond.

I am more of a Star Wars fan but then again, a geek will always be a geek no matter which star fandom one prefers. I do like Star Trek too. Come on, it’s space exploration. Someone surely envies Captain Kirk and his crew’s positions – except for the attacks by evil species (that, no one envies). And this new installment to the Star Trek franchise does not disappoint.

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Movie Review: X-Men: Apocalypse


I know, I know, I’m late. Like really late review on this one. I watched it about 5 days ago. I was sick… and lazy… but mostly sick. On top of that, I had no freaking clue what to write. It’s not exactly writer’s block. It’s just me trying to piece the whole X-Men movie timeline and concluded, at the end of the 5 days, that it’s a bloody mess.

I could go on and on about how Marvel’s The Avengers did it so much better movie-timeline-wise but you might think I’m biased. Technically, I love X-Men more so than I do The Avengers so I am actually more disappointed that 20th Century Fox screwed this up.

But let’s not go there…

Or we could… later… At the end of this review…

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Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War


I just finished watching this most-anticipated movie of the year and I could hear the Tony-Steve shippers’ hearts a-breaking from miles away. Not me, I ain’t shipping anyone in this superhero world. It’s too weird for me but I ain’t judging anyone who do.

However, that “So was I” from Tony to Steve when Steve said “He’s my friend” about Bucky is probably the saddest thing to come out of any movie after “Always” in Harry Potter. Now, whenever someone says “So was I”, cue the cries.

Anyway, on with the review under the cut…

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