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Love It or Hate It: M.A.D.E Series D by Big Bang

f4b60b265799834dbed144afaf8ece7fWho knew that two new singles by the world’s best K-Pop idol group (according to, Big Bang, could get yours truly out of a self-imposed hiatus to write an entire post about said two songs? I mean, here I am, lying on my bed with my back aching terribly (from God knows what) and I am still determined to write this down. I missed two movie reviews during my entire self-imposed hiatus even though I was well and dandy. But this? Oh, Siti has got to write about this one.

To give a little background to those who have no clue what this is all about: In a nutshell, Big Bang releases two singles on the first day of each month starting May according to these letters – M, A, D and E – after which in September, they will release a full album with all the songs they have released plus possibly a few new songs. This is to gift the fans who have waited for them for 3 years. It’s a new concept no other K-Pop artistes or idol groups had done before. This month, July 1 at 12 midnight, they released two new singles from D series called “If You” and “Sober”.

The reason why I decided to write a review for these two singles is primarily because it gave me too many feelings and thoughts to be suppressed into tweets and a short Facebook post.

Let me start with “If You”

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Love It Or Hate It: Big Bang’s “Loser” and “Bae Bae” Music Videos


My 5 new favourite people in the world right now, Big Bang, has made a comeback after 3 years of hiatus as a group in the K-Pop world. (Note: For those who do not know how K-Pop world works – which I did not and only learned 5 months into loving these 5 dorks – 3 years is long for a group to not release music together.)

Big Bang indeed made a huge bang into the music scene by releasing not just one song but TWO songs – “Loser” and “Bae Bae” – as a gift for their fans, lovingly named VIPs, who have waited patiently for them.

In less than 24 hours, both videos have reached more than 1 million views. In fact, “Loser” is now viewed more than 4 million times while “Bae Bae” has crossed the 3 million mark.

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Love It Or Hate It: Big Bang ‘Made’ Tour Trailer


It’s been 4 hours or so since I watched the trailer of Big Bang’s ‘Made’ tour. I thought I could finally find the words to express the emotions that I’m feeling right now but I’m still at a loss for words. Words has failed me today, ladies and gentleman, and it’s all thanks to these five lovely talented men.

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