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Movie Review: Bigbang MADE: The Movie


Before watching the fan preview for this movie, I was asking myself and my friends whether I should be watching it as a fangirl or as a movie reviewer (not professional but you know, keeping up with this blog, etc etc). But then I tell myself what was the difference between the two. I could be considered a fangirl of movies due to my passion for films in general. The only difference is I’m going into the theatre as both a lover of films and a fangirl of the five guys this documentary movie is essentially about.

Even if I stepped out of the shoes of a fangirl and view it rationally as a reviewer, there is nothing bad that I could say about the movie. It was so good that I am hard-pressed to find any one bad thing about it.

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Movie Review: Commitment


Oh ho! Look at that! My very first Asian movie review! Yippee yai yo, let me go wipe my tears away first! *sobs*

I am a procrastinator, if you must know. I’ve been wanting to watch all the movies that T.O.P starred in but I just did not find the time to sit down, search for his movies and watch it. But today, I decided that my procrastination must stop and looked at the list of movies. After reading the synopsis, I took a chance on Commitment first, mostly because I am quite intrigued by the whole North-South Korea conflict.

And now, here I am, typing my thoughts down, snots and all.

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