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TV Review: Criminal Minds Season 8

Last night, I just finished watching Season 8 of Criminal Minds.



You know what I love about crime shows? You don’t get sick of it. Okay, that’s a lie: I did stop watching CSI but I continue to watch Criminal Minds because that show has some of the sickest episodes ever. And they usually solve serial crimes rather than a one-off ones. They use the evidence gathered to figure out the background and mindset of the criminals and send out a profile so that the cops can catch them. I also love the chemistry between the cast members. You can truly see that they are a family.

In Season 8, we see Matthew Gray Gubler once again helming the director’s seat for a couple of the episodes and one of the episodes is pretty traumatizing with the human puppets. And in this season, we also see quite early on that someone is seriously stalking the team and it’s an ongoing storyline throughout the many episodes so that was pretty interesting to watch but the season finale was a little of a let-down as compared to the previous seasons. It lacks the suspense we see in the two seasons before this.

Also, notably in this season, I notice a lot of LGBT characters coming out, no pun absolutely intended – a gay couple questioned at the park, a lesbian couple with a kid who was a part of a kidnap case, a gay character who had a bad childhood, etc. There are lot of that this season, in my opinion. That was nice to see.

Overall, I had nothing much to comment. Criminal Minds would probably never disappoint me and I can’t wait to watch the ninth season.