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Love It Or Hate It: David Cook – Laying Me Low

A couple of days ago, David Cook released his new single called “Laying Me Low”. Have a listen below:

It’s a different sound from what I used to listen from David Cook. This was a little bit pop-ish than what I used to listen from him, in my opinion. This has a Maroon 5-ish and Matchbox 20 kind of sound. It surprises me to hear it coming from David. If I didn’t know that this was David Cook, I would have thought it was from Matchbox 20. No matter, I do enjoy it a lot and hope it does well on the charts. I’ve not heard a lot from David. He was really popular after he won American Idol and then it sort of fades away.

Anyway, if you like the song as much as I did, the single is available on iTunes and Amazon so please do purchase it from these two outlets. He will also be performing the song live on American Idol on 2 May 2013.

Love it or hate it? Love it!