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Movie Review: Despicable Me 2

ImageAfter being a teeny-weeny bit disappointed with Monsters University, I came in watching Despicable Me 2 hoping and praying that it gives as much as it did with all those hilarious clips before the movie release. And I wasn’t disappointed at all.

In the sequel of the popular Universal-distributed animated movie, we learned what happened after Gru threw his villain cap and has now dedicated his life as a father to Margo, Edith and the adorable “It’s so fluffy, I wanna die” Agnes, and a jelly and jam businessman. But as we all know from the trailer that I’m sure you can’t miss, Gru is recruited by The Anti-Villain League to help capture a villain who has stolen a powerful mutating chemical named PX-41. Okay, so that chemical part I don’t think you know but now you do and I won’t spoil you any further than that.

This movie made me laugh from the start till the end. And when I say “start”, I meant the introduction where they flashed “Illumination Entertainment” on the screen. There were very few moments when no one laughed. You see Gru being such a dad to a tweeny Margo, the three girls being adorable as always and they certainly do not fail when it comes to Agnes, and of course, who could ever forget the minions. You may not understand whatever that comes out of the minions’ mouths but their antics are what made everything hilarious. Also, we cannot forget the ever-slow Dr. Nefario. He has very little things to say in this sequel but whatever he did say were all gems. There are also new characters in this sequel, one being the lady who tasered Gru, Lucy, and if you are like me who have been watching every single clip of Despicable Me 2 before its launch, evil minions.

If you wanna know how the evil minion comes about, do watch the movie. You will never regret it. Also, I will never ever listen to “I Swear” the same way ever again.

The trailer…