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TV Episode Review: Glee Season 6 Episode 5 – The Hurt Locker Part 2

I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying this season. It’s like the writers are pushing all the right buttons for Season 6 and I’m enjoying each episode including all the ridiculousness in each of them. I feel like I’m dreaming.


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TV Episode Review: Glee Season 6 Episode 4 – The Hurt Locker Part 1

I know I’m currently sick with a nose that’s running non-stop but I don’t know what I just watched, you guys. Did I just fall into the rabbit hole?

Glee 1You see Becky in the above screengrab? Yes, that’s basically me throughout the entire episode. Let me explain…

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TV Episode Review: Glee Season 6 Episode 1 & 2 – Loser Like Me/Homecoming

Before the season began today, as someone who follows fans/ex-fans of Glee on Tumblr, I read a number of spoilers that made me promise myself never to watch Season 6.

I broke that promise for a couple of reasons: 1) To keep this blog active, and 2) To get back to writing TV episode reviews again (I don’t think I will be going back to writing recaps anytime soon though.)

Clearly, I hate myself today to be watching the first two back-to-back episodes of the final season of Glee.

Let me first start with Episode 1…

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TV Review: Glee – The Quarterback

ImageIt’s time we said goodbye to one of the characters and the actors of the show, Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) and Glee did a brilliant job in honoring the character and the actor. It was beautifully and respectfully written, which made it easy for the cast, crew and the fans to say goodbye to a friend, a brother, a person you grew up watching for four years and an idol to many.

I don’t know how to write this review because all I did was cry from beginning till end. From the moment the former Glee clubbers came out on stage to join in the singing of “Seasons of Love”, tears just ran down my face and it didn’t stop. This is the cast and crew’s way to help us all deal with the sudden death of an actor who did nothing but be the best person he could be by bringing happiness and joy to others around him.

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TV Review: Glee – Love Love Love


Oh spoiler picture. But you know, if you come into my blog, it’s never going to be spoiler free. Spoiler, spoiler, spoiler everywhere! So, yes, everyone, Glee is back with its Season 5 premiere yesterday. I’m going to be honest, I watched the episode yesterday (somewhat because I skipped through a lot of the scenes to just watch the Kurt and Blaine ones) but I was so tired to do the review for this. So, this is a very late review of this new episode of Glee.

For the first episode, Glee paid homage to The Beatles and centred around three storylines – first being Rachel Berry, the other being Kitty and Artie and the last being our favourite couple, Kurt and Blaine.

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