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Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon 2


Caught this movie earlier and let’s just start with the fact that I cried, no, sobbed. Animated movies that tugged at my heartstrings are good movies, I tell you that! But what I cannot tell you is what makes me cry because I would spoil the movie for you.

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Love It Or Hate It: How To Train Your Dragon 2 Official Teaser Trailer

A couple of days ago, Dreamworks Animation released the official teaser trailer of How To Train Your Dragon 2. Yes, everyone, there is a sequel to this surprisingly popular animated movie of the very adorkable Hiccup and his adorable pet dragon, Toothless!

Watching the above trailer, I am absolutely thrilled to see the partners-in-crime, Hiccup and Toothless! Toothless is still very adorable. I still want a dragon as a pet if it’s as cute as Toothless.

But what surprises me most about the official teaser trailer is that Hiccup is hot. How did an animated character who was once nerdy become hot? When the trailer revealed Hiccup’s new look, my first thought was: “Puberty did him good.” Why didn’t my puberty do the same thing for me? Did I miss the “hot” part of my puberty? How? Also, the new Hiccup looked like a certain YouTuber who goes by the name of Gavin Free from Roosterteeth. See below to judge yourself…

Image     Image
Hiccup                                                                    Gavin Free

Yes? No?

Anyway, does Siti love or hate the official teaser trailer? Absolutely love it and can’t wait for June 2014!