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Love It or Hate It: Deadpool Teaser Trailer

19003270193_2edb397100_oHow did I just come across the Deadpool teaser trailer? How? Like where was I? What was I doing? (Okay, I know what I was doing – I was fangirling over BIGBANG.)

Anyway, oh yes my comic geeks, all our dreams have come true and we will finally get to see Marvel’s most unconventional superhero, Deadpool, on the big screen and oh boy, what a teaser trailer.

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Love It or Hate It: M.A.D.E Series D by Big Bang

f4b60b265799834dbed144afaf8ece7fWho knew that two new singles by the world’s best K-Pop idol group (according to, Big Bang, could get yours truly out of a self-imposed hiatus to write an entire post about said two songs? I mean, here I am, lying on my bed with my back aching terribly (from God knows what) and I am still determined to write this down. I missed two movie reviews during my entire self-imposed hiatus even though I was well and dandy. But this? Oh, Siti has got to write about this one.

To give a little background to those who have no clue what this is all about: In a nutshell, Big Bang releases two singles on the first day of each month starting May according to these letters – M, A, D and E – after which in September, they will release a full album with all the songs they have released plus possibly a few new songs. This is to gift the fans who have waited for them for 3 years. It’s a new concept no other K-Pop artistes or idol groups had done before. This month, July 1 at 12 midnight, they released two new singles from D series called “If You” and “Sober”.

The reason why I decided to write a review for these two singles is primarily because it gave me too many feelings and thoughts to be suppressed into tweets and a short Facebook post.

Let me start with “If You”

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Love It or Hate It: Aloha

Also known as, “What the hell, Hollywood?”

Aloha is obviously a Hawaiian term for saying “Hello”. But if you look at the cast for this movie, you would not think that this is set in Hawaii, which has the “highest percentage of Asian Americans and Multi-racial Americans, and the lowest percentage of White Americans of any state” (credit: Wikipedia) . The movie trailer is so filled with white Americans that I would have thought the movie was set in Los Angeles.

But what sets me off is Emma Stone’s character.

Note: I love Emma Stone and this is in no way an insult on her. This is more of a critique on the casting director’s choice and the director himself.

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Love It Or Hate It: Big Bang’s “Loser” and “Bae Bae” Music Videos


My 5 new favourite people in the world right now, Big Bang, has made a comeback after 3 years of hiatus as a group in the K-Pop world. (Note: For those who do not know how K-Pop world works – which I did not and only learned 5 months into loving these 5 dorks – 3 years is long for a group to not release music together.)

Big Bang indeed made a huge bang into the music scene by releasing not just one song but TWO songs – “Loser” and “Bae Bae” – as a gift for their fans, lovingly named VIPs, who have waited patiently for them.

In less than 24 hours, both videos have reached more than 1 million views. In fact, “Loser” is now viewed more than 4 million times while “Bae Bae” has crossed the 3 million mark.

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Love It Or Hate It: Big Bang ‘Made’ Tour Trailer


It’s been 4 hours or so since I watched the trailer of Big Bang’s ‘Made’ tour. I thought I could finally find the words to express the emotions that I’m feeling right now but I’m still at a loss for words. Words has failed me today, ladies and gentleman, and it’s all thanks to these five lovely talented men.

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Love It Or Hate It: Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer

Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer was out two days ago and I’ve watched it for about 5 times now but still can’t make heads or tails about it even though I’ve read so many spoilers of it. Mind you, I did not read the books and from what I’ve heard, the show is going to differ slightly from it. There were just so many things happening in the trailer that I do not know what to screengrab so I went for the below because I do love Sansa and I would love to see the development in her story in this upcoming season.

Game of Thrnes

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Love It Or Hate It: Fantastic Four Official Teaser Trailer

Fantastic Four

20th Century Fox has graced us mortals with the official teaser trailer of the new Fantastic Four. It was released 2 days ago and has been viewed more than 10 million times.

I have to admit that I was skeptical about this new Fantastic Four when I first heard that they were going to do one after the horrors of the last Fantastic Four *shudders* But after this teaser trailer?

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