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Love It Or Hate It: Comic Con 2013 – Superman versus Batman

Yes, if you have not heard it yet, during San Diego’s Comic Con, Zack Snyder, director of Man of Steel, announced that in the sequel to the movie, the superhero will be facing off against The Dark Knight himself.

Say what?


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It sounds really exciting and based on the picture above, it’s not something that was an original idea. In the comics, Batman and Superman did go against each other. I have no idea what (I’m not a big DC fan, admittedly), but sources on the Internet (Internet is always right, right?) said that Batman tricked Superman and faked his death. Interesting…

But Zack Snyder mentioned that he will not follow the comics but the sequel will be inspired by it.

How does Siti feel about this news?

Let me begin by saying that if I were to choose a favourite DC superhero, it would be the caped crusader. I mean, if I were to choose between the two, of course. But truthfully, I personally feel that Catwoman is a badass. And if I can work the catsuit, honeybuns, I will cosplay as Catwoman but I have big thighs and ass so I shall not be an eyesore to everyone, including myself.

As exciting as it is, and I am intrigued to find out how this epic battle fares out, Man of Steel was really boring for me. And thinking about having to watch the sequel of it just made me sigh in front of my computer. I cannot imagine how it would be.

Also, even though Henry Cavill is perfect as the man of steel and he will be back in the role for this sequel, Christian Bale mentioned that he is not coming back to reprise the role as Batman and he was one of the most perfect Batman other than George Clooney, in my opinion. If Christian Bale comes back, I seriously would watch it because of one word: epic. He’s a great actor for the role.

I just feel so bummed out right now. Who else will take the Batman role? I can’t think, at the moment, someone new (or not) who would be perfect as Batman because Christian just killed it in The Dark Knight trilogy and whoever who’s going to take over that role is going to have that hanging over his head. Good luck, whoever you are.

Love it or hate it? I don’t know. I think I will reserve my judgement when the teaser trailer comes up. Until then…

Note: There are a number of exciting news coming out from Comic Con. As such, for the next few days, I will be blogging about my thoughts on the news from San Diego.



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Movie Review: Man of Steel


I just came back from watching Man of Steel and this was my expression during 90% of the movie:


Before I gave my review, let me tell you what the movie is about. In a nutshell, it’s the life of Superman before he became Superman and what happened when he finally accepted that he’s Superman.

And now my review…

Cinematic-wise, it was brilliant – the CGI effects and cinematography was brilliantly executed. I was watching it in digital and it still came out really great. I bet it would be better in 3D. But story-wise was so dull.

I have to confess, first of all, that Superman is my least favourite superhero out of all superheroes/heroines out there. But I watched Smallville and Lois & Clark and those are probably better than what I watched earlier. That said, my examples were TV shows because I vaguely remember the old Superman movies. But it’s still Superman and about Superman!

The storyline was too heavy for me. The thing about movies is that you can’t make it so heavy and dark because it could get really dull. Even dramatic movies, they have to add in some light-heartedness into it so that the audience members wouldn’t get bored with the drama. And I’m not even comparing this to Marvel movies. If I were to compare this movie to The Dark Knight franchise, which is part of the DC comics world, at least the franchise had some comical moments in between so that it wouldn’t get too dark. The character itself is already pretty depressing so you wouldn’t want to darken that further.

Also, the way the movie transitioned between the past and present were pretty confusing to me. I get that it’s trying to fit the present to what happened in the past. But I was still quite confused. I do appreciate the background of Superman in this movie. I don’t think we see much of Superman’s background in the TV shows unless you love the comics. So I didn’t know much about his parents and how he came to earth. So that part of the movie was probably one of my favourites.

Now, I was wondering whether it would make a difference if Christopher Nolan helmed the director’s seat instead. He did a great job with The Dark Knight franchise. As a producer, I don’t think he can make that many calls. I’m not sure as I’m not in the industry to guarantee that. But it’s just something that I wonder. I have a feeling it would.

I don’t enjoy the movie. It falls flat for me. I wouldn’t suggest wasting your money watching it but if you’re curious, go ahead.

The trailer:


Love It Or Hate It: Man of Steel Official Trailer #3

After watching Star Trek: Into Darkness‘ latest trailer with its epicness, Man of Steel‘s trailer left me a little disappointed.

I don’t know what to expect from the movie and I usually trust my instinct when it comes to a movie’s success through watching its trailer. I have not watched Oblivion because the trailer just left me bored and from what I heard, the ratings for the movie is not that good either. I watched The Host just for my amusement because there was nothing else to watch that week. Man of Steel‘s trailer does not give me the epicness that I would want to see from a blockbuster. Look at The Hunger Games‘ teaser trailer, Star Trek: Into Darkness and Iron Man 3! When you watch these trailers, you feel this excitement and this feeling of not wanting to wait till god-knows-when to watch the movie and you want it NOW. Man of Steel does not give me that same feeling. The trailer does, however, tell me that the movie will have really nice CGIs.

I’m not sure if it’s because I am feeling a little jaded over the many Superman movies and TV shows I have watched over the years. Maybe it’s that but then again, I can watch many movies of the X-Men franchise and I won’t be bored. Same goes with Spiderman and Batman.

But this trailer does give me a revelation – that Superman is most likely my least favourite superhero ever. Most of you would probably go: “What?” but it’s true. I just don’t find him as fascinating.

Love it or hate it? Not really in love with it. But would I still watch the movie? Yes. Hopefully this time, my instinct is wrong.