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Movie Review: Monsters University


Well, this is a delayed review. I watched Monsters University last week but in my defence, I was quite sick and am still sick. So, if this review made no sense at all, you can blame it all on my cough syrup (I’m feeling drowsy right now).

Anyway, on to my review of this beloved monsters movie…

If you do not know by now, Monsters University is a prequel to Monsters, Inc. so no, there is no Boo. This animated movie is set before Sullivan became the top monster in Monsters, Inc. and Mike is still… well, Mike.

I like how Pixar made the movie like a typical non-animated “young people in college” movie, with the cliché groups – the jocks, the babes, the nerds, the goths, etc. It is also nice to see that Randy wasn’t that bad of a guy – wait, no, monster – when he was in school.

But it was a little bit of a letdown from the popular Monsters, Inc. I think some people expected a sequel more than a prequel, most probably because the ending in Monsters, Inc. was when Sullivan met Boo once again. I was one of those people who was kind of disappointed a little bit because I love Boo and there were a lot of rumours of how we actually saw Boo in Toy Story 3.

Nevertheless, the movie was a fun, feel-good, family-friendly movie. In my opinion, Squishy and Squishy’s mom stole the limelight for me. Squishy is adorable and I want to grow up to be Squishy’s mom. Anyway, like any other animated movies, kids could learn a thing or two (or more) from it. So, if you have not watched it yet and you love Monsters, Inc., go and head down to watch it. Bring little kids along to. They will enjoy it as much as you do.

The trailer…