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Music From Glee Episode Review: All Or Nothing

This is it, guys! This is the last music review for Glee episode from me. Well, last for this season. Yes, we have almost reached to the end of the season and the finale is called “All Or Nothing”. It’s a Regionals’ episode. Yes, the seniors have yet to graduate and yes, they will only graduate next year aka next season. It doesn’t make sense? It’s okay. It’s Glee.

So, here are the music for the finale:

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Love It Or Hate It: David Cook – Laying Me Low

A couple of days ago, David Cook released his new single called “Laying Me Low”. Have a listen below:

It’s a different sound from what I used to listen from David Cook. This was a little bit pop-ish than what I used to listen from him, in my opinion. This has a Maroon 5-ish and Matchbox 20 kind of sound. It surprises me to hear it coming from David. If I didn’t know that this was David Cook, I would have thought it was from Matchbox 20. No matter, I do enjoy it a lot and hope it does well on the charts. I’ve not heard a lot from David. He was really popular after he won American Idol and then it sort of fades away.

Anyway, if you like the song as much as I did, the single is available on iTunes and Amazon so please do purchase it from these two outlets. He will also be performing the song live on American Idol on 2 May 2013.

Love it or hate it? Love it!

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Music From Glee Episode Review: Wonder-ful

This week, there will be seven songs, all from Stevie Wonder (Wonder-ful, get it, get it?). What’s the plot? No idea except that Kurt Hummel, Mercedes Jones and Mike Chang are back at McKinley High. For what? No idea. Well, I know that Mercedes Jones is back to coach New Directions on singing and Mike on dancing but I don’t know why Kurt is there. For fashion? Whatever it was, I’m here to review the music because if the plot sucks, at least we have the music. And if you don’t love Stevie Wonder, get out of here!

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Music Playlist: 20 Songs To Spur You On

Have you ever felt like you’re “different”? Have others make you feel like you’re a “freak”? Have you ever felt like you’re so unproductive everyday but you don’t know what to do or don’t want to do anything? Have you ever felt like you don’t know what to do with your life? Have others make you feel so worthless?

If you have ever felt like any of the above, you’re not alone. I’m pretty sure a lot of us have felt like a useless piece of crap by others.

Music is my life. If I feel down and out, angry or sad, I will turn to music. So, I thought I would share my playlist of motivational/inspirational songs. If you have a song that’s not on the list below and would like to share with me, feel free to recommend and share because sharing is caring.

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Music From Glee Episode Review: Lights Out

Well, this is later than I usually post it. You see, I spend the entire night last night changing the theme of this blog of mine and added an “About Me” page to talk about… well… me. If you dig this theme, please feel free to let me know so I can preen under the compliments. If you don’t dig it, keep it to yourself. Haha! I’m kidding!

Anyway, so the next episode of Glee will have six songs. Will there be a plot? I’m going to guess that it’s gonna be one of those silly episodes since Nightbird will be appearing (Nightbird!). I’m not even sure what “Lights Out” even mean. McKinley has a blackout? Oh well, we will find out soon enough.

Onward with the songs since I care about that than the episode itself… other than Kurt and Blaine of course.

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Music From Glee Episode Review: Sweet Dreams

My Game of Thrones Episode Recap will be delayed and instead, I will give you my review of the songs from the next episode of Glee first.

The next episode of Glee will be called “Sweet Dreams” and to be honest, since I have shunned from general Glee spoilers except for spoilers of two characters that I actually care about, I have no idea what the plotline for the next episode will be except Marley has written songs and this episode will have Marley’s “original song”. And I guess it is brought over by Marley’s video confession in the last episode that there are songs that she had written and kept in a drawer.

Anyway, enough of that, let’s hear the music! First up…

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Music from Glee Episode Review: Shooting Star

My oh my, there are only three songs for the next episode of Glee called “Shooting Star”. I’m not going to spoil what will happen in that episode though the clue is in the title. Sneaky Glee is sneaky.

I have to admit I can’t be called a Gleek anymore because everytime I watch the show, I wanted to cry and ask the creators what had happened. What happened to the Glee I love in Season 1 and 2?

Anyway, I’m not here to rant about what a hot mess Glee had become but I’m going to review the songs for the next episode as non-judgementally as possible.

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