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Movie Review: Now You See Me


Yesterday, I watched Now You See Me starring Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson and Morgan Freeman among others.

I have to admit that my reasoning for watching this movie in the first place was my crush on Mark Ruffalo. But the trailer was really good in selling the movie so I decided to watch it. It is about four magicians who managed to rob banks through “magic” and give the money to their audience. Mark Ruffalo acted as the FBI agent trying to nab these four magicians and Morgan Freeman as a former magician determined to reveal their secrets.

This is the kind of movie that you need to pay attention from the start. It was quite thrilling to see the four magicians together. The way the director made the magic show was really stylish and modern. The movie also made it seem like these four magicians are the modern-day Robin Hoods. In some way, they are. What I also like about the movie is the ending. Earlier, I said to pay attention from the start. I paid attention from the start and I am the kind of person who could guess a movie’s ending or how the movie is going to go. The ending for this movie was so brilliantly done that it threw me off. I can tell you no one in the theatre I was in could guess the ending. Practically everyone gasped. I was completely thrown. It made me so speechless. But what kind of put me off is the acting by Melanie Laurent as an Interpol agent partnering with Mark Ruffalo’s character. It seemed a little off to me.

That said, it is a good movie to watch and I enjoyed it very much. It is definitely worth the money.

The trailer: