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TV Episode Recap: Spartacus: War Of The Damned – Victory

So, here we have it, folks. The last episode ever of Spartacus.

My tears have yet to be dried upon my cheeks as I’m writing this recap. The episode was a great way to end a beautiful journey and a great show. For those who know the history of Spartacus will know how this episode will end. Yes, the Third Servile War was real and so was Spartacus.

If you have not watched the episode, please do not read any further than this line because of major spoilers.

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TV Episode Recap: Spartacus: War of the Damned – The Dead And The Dying

It has to be said that the first post that I make on this new blog of mine would be of “Spartacus”.

I’ll be honest. I just caught up with the show. I saw gifs of the show on my Tumblr dashboard but never really thought of watching it until it tickles my curiosity and I decide that there’s just no harm watching the show. If I do not like it, I can just stop watching it. 

I got hooked.

It’s a show with history, violence, sex and hot naked guys and girls all in one neat package. Who wouldn’t like it?

Anyways, back to the latest episode, the second last episode before the series finale. From here on, be warned that it’s full of spoilers so read on with care.

The last episode, on the Roman camp: Kore fled Crassus’ camp and joined the Rebel Army to get away from Tiberius. Caesar found out the reason Kore left and threatened Tiberius but Tiberius raped him. On the Rebel camp: The Rebel army was separated – Spartacus led the slaves to the Alps while Crixus led those who wanted to have Roman blood spilled battle it out. Agron broke up with Nasir so that Nasir could live and joined Crixus. Crixus’ army met Crassus’ army. Agron fell to Tiberius’ sword and Crixus was speared through the back by Tiberius again. Crixus fell and was beheaded in front of Naevia.

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