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Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness


I just came back from watching Star Trek Into Darkness starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and the quite delectable Benedict Cumberbatch among many others.

To sum up the movie without spoiling anything, Kirk and Spock saves the day and each other.

See? I’m not spoiling anything. Sort of.

Anyway, I’m just here as a normal movie-goer and I do admit I am more of a Star Wars fan than Star Trek. I’m not familiar with the world of Star Trek but J.J. Abrams made it simpler for non-fans to understand what’s going on and to quickly grasp its world without taking away the enjoyment of the movie. It is action-packed, which is what you would expect from watching the trailer alone but it does have its funny moments too that kept the whole theatre cackling away. They do have a saying to look on the brighter side of life even if, in the case of Star Trek, your life is in literal danger. It is also quite interesting to see Benedict acting as the token bad guy in this movie and he looked handsome doing so. But what I love about it is the backstory behind what Benedict’s character, Khan, did. It humanizes the character and you felt for him. One more thing: I realize why some fangirls are madly in love with Kirk and Spock. The bromance level in this movie is so high it might explode the entire universe. The on-screen chemistry between Chris and Zachary are off the roof. I swear if I have absolutely zero clue what Star Trek is about, I would have thought Kirk and Spock are lovers.

It is really worth my money to watch it. You do not have to watch the previous movie to enjoy this one. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.