This Siti Never Sleeps At Night

Hey dick-wad, I'm speaking!

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Music To Your Ears: Taeyang – Prayer

Per my last Music To Your Ears post, I watched BigBang on TV and the rest, as you know, is history – I am a VIP. As I am still discovering their music as a group and individually, I found this gem of a song by Taeyang called “Prayer” and it’s been looping in my head for the last 12 hours – can’t get rid of the song, can’t get rid of the images of the video. Basically, this girl who never sleeps can’t function.

I mean, look at this!


How can a red-blooded human being like me not flail at the sight of those abs? *internal flailing*

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Music To Your Ears: K-Pop

(Also known as “Big Bang”)

(Also known as “How Did Siti Even Get Into This?”)


People say “curiosity killed the cat”. But in my case, curiosity didn’t kill me but it just gave me one more thing to fangirl about and to include in a list of things I hyperventilate over.

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