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TV Review: Teen Wolf – Lunar Eclipse

ImageWell, everything has led up to this point, hasn’t it? So, ladies and gentlemen, the final episode of Teen Wolf Season 3A is finally here and of course, Siti has her thoughts on it. A blogger does what a blogger is good at, y’know what I mean?

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TV Review: Teen Wolf – Alpha Pact

ImageIf Siti can describe this week’s episode of Teen Wolf in one word, it will be pain. Pain in a good way though. Not in the “well this episode sucks” because Teen Wolf has improved so much through the season and this season is definitely more gritty and dark and I absolutely love it.

Onward to my review…

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TV Review: Teen Wolf – Motel California

ImageI know, I know, I missed a couple of episode reviews of Teen Wolf. I wanted to come up with an awesome reason why I didn’t write my reviews for the two episodes before this latest one but I came up with none except that I was being a lazy arse. And also that I just watched the two episodes before this one like 2 hours ago. But, I don’t regret my decision at all because Motel California has got to be one of the best episodes of Teen Wolf.

Cut for possible spoilers for those who have not watched…

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