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TV Episode Review: Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1 – The Wars To Come


Game of Thrones is back with vengeance! But sadly, Lady Stoneheart is not going to get hers (unless of course, the writers surprise us and go: “Ah-ha! Gotcha!” somewhere in the middle but probably it’s just wishful thinking.)

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TV Episode Review: Glee Season 6 Episode 5 – The Hurt Locker Part 2

I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying this season. It’s like the writers are pushing all the right buttons for Season 6 and I’m enjoying each episode including all the ridiculousness in each of them. I feel like I’m dreaming.


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TV Episode Review: Glee Season 6 Episode 1 & 2 – Loser Like Me/Homecoming

Before the season began today, as someone who follows fans/ex-fans of Glee on Tumblr, I read a number of spoilers that made me promise myself never to watch Season 6.

I broke that promise for a couple of reasons: 1) To keep this blog active, and 2) To get back to writing TV episode reviews again (I don’t think I will be going back to writing recaps anytime soon though.)

Clearly, I hate myself today to be watching the first two back-to-back episodes of the final season of Glee.

Let me first start with Episode 1…

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