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Movie Review: World War Z

ImageI watched World War Z about two to three days ago but I chose to review the movie only after I finished the book, which I was reading more than halfway through. I chose to do this because what I had read in the book and what I had actually watched were different stories to me.

World War Z, the book written by Max Brooks, is basically a personal recount of each survivor that a UN investigator interviewed after the zombies war, named “World War Z”. The name of the investigator was not revealed, if I recall correctly, because as he said in the book, it’s not about him but the survivors of the war. The book was quite complex and it’s apt because war, in itself with humans, is not simple. War against zombies would be an entire different thing because zombies are not humans and don’t think like one (actually, they don’t think at all). It touched many a subject from politics to religion.

World War Z, the movie directed by Marc Forster and starred Brad Pitt, was quite the exact opposite of what I read. It is about Brad Pitt’s character, Gerry, who was a retired UN investigator, forced to return to his former job after zombies attacked the entire planet. He tried to find the cure and, at the same time, save his family.

The difference between the book and the movie doesn’t quite end there. Even the movement of the zombies were different between those two media, which I can simply summarize as such: book – slow; movie: fast super-non-human power (unless they are dormant).

The differences I mentioned above threw me off as I love the book (which, by the way, I have not reviewed yet and will do so later) and when I watched the movie thinking that it’s an adaptation of the book, I was left confused. I wanted to love the movie. It is a good zombie movie with quite an original storyline with the exception of a number of annoying characters (really, don’t they ever watch a zombie movie in their world? Straight shot to the brain will be the only thing that will kill a zombie. It’s in EVERY single damn zombie movie out there! Shot on the head!), if not for the fact that the movie is called World War Z, after the book and it’s supposed to be based on the book.

I really, really want to love the movie. I really do but I simply can’t. If only it’s not called World War Z but Brad Pitt: The Zombie Killing Machine, I would probably love it.

In conclusion, if you watch the movie, love it and decided to read the book, don’t. You will be like me, completely and utterly dissatisfied and also confused. About the movie. Not the book. The book is simply brilliant. As such, I would give the movie a two out of five popcorns from me. My expectations of the movie were dashed.

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